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By: Dr.Nayan Jyoti Goswami
Indian Government and Politics
By: Ms. Riya Pramanik
Introduction of Social Psychology
By: Dr. Farhat Jabin
History of India from c 1206 to 1707
By: Dr. Hemant Pal
Introduction to Stress
Unity and Diversity in India
By: Dr. K. Saritha
Perfect Competition: Firm & Industries Equilibrium
By: Dr. Saurabh Pran Sharma
Foundation of Psychology
By: Dr. Farhat Jabin
Sociological Theories
By: Dr. Nidhi Arora Kumar
Principles of Macroeconomics-I
By: Dr. Jai Prakash Verma
Issues in Macroeconomics and National Income Accounting
By: Dr. Pramila Gaikwad
Social Institutions and Change
By: Dr. M. Suganya
Emergence and Growth of Nationalism
By: Dr. Mousumi Dutta Pathak
Society, Religion and Politics
By: Dr. Femila.Alexander
Indian Constitution
By: Dr. Femila.Alexander
By: Dr.K.Sadasivam